Available courses

Algorithms from systems programming including conversion, buffering, device drivers, assemblers, and loaders. Use of system services, macros, and linkage conventions. Laboratory exercises programmed in assembly language.   Prerequisites: CPE 100 - Computer and Logic Design I and CS 135 - Computer Science I (or other high-level language course).  3 credits


Basic organization of digital computers, including I/O units, arithmetic logic units, control units, and memory organization. Number and character representations. Instruction sets and addressing. Microprogramming. Credits: 3

Problem-solving methods and algorithm development in a high-level programming language. Program design, coding, debugging, and documentation using techniques of good programming style. Program development in a powerful operating environment.  Prerequisites: MATH 127 or MATH 128

Data structures and algorithms for manipulating linked lists. String and file processing. Recursion. Software engineering, structured programming and testing, especially larger programs.  Prerequisite: CS 135. 3 credits.