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Provides pre-engineering majors, and students interested in engineering and computer science disciplines, with the skills, information, and knowledge necessary to promote academic success and career development. Topics include: setting academic goals, selecting a major, career preparation, developing verbal and written communication abilities, as well as critical thinking, studying, and time management skills.  Corequisites: EGG 101Prerequisites: MATH 96. 2 credits.

Operating systems organization, sharing and allocation of system resources, protection mechanisms, and integration of system components. Prerequisites: CS 302 and either CS 219 or ECG 300. 3 credits.

Algorithms from systems programming including conversion, buffering, device drivers, assemblers, and loaders. Use of system services, macros, and linkage conventions. Laboratory exercises programmed in assembly language.   Prerequisites: CPE 100 - Computer and Logic Design I and CS 135 - Computer Science I (or other high-level language course).