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Provides pre-engineering majors, and students interested in engineering and computer science disciplines, with the skills, information, and knowledge necessary to promote academic success and career development. Topics include: setting academic goals, selecting a major, career preparation, developing verbal and written communication abilities, as well as critical thinking, studying, and time management skills.  Corequisites: EGG 101Prerequisites: MATH 96. 2 credits.

Algorithms from systems programming including conversion, buffering, device drivers, assemblers, and loaders. Use of system services, macros, and linkage conventions. Laboratory exercises programmed in assembly language.   Prerequisites: CPE 100 - Computer and Logic Design I and CS 135 - Computer Science I (or other high-level language course).


Introduction to sequential and linked structures.  File access including sequential, indexed sequential and other file organizations.  Internal structures including stacks, queues, trees, and graphs.  Algorithms for implementing and manipulating structured objects. Big-O-notation.  Prerequisites: CS 202 and MATH 181. 3 credits.

Operating systems organization, sharing and allocation of system resources, protection mechanisms, and integration of system components. Prerequisites: CS 302 and either CS 219 or ECG 300. 3 credits.

Data structures and algorithms for manipulating linked lists. String and file processing. Recursion. Software engineering, structured programming and testing, especially larger programs.  Prerequisite: CS 135. 3 credits.